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German Shepherd Blog Welcome to my website and blog about German Shepherds! I love the German Shepherd breed as I am owned by an amazing German Shepherd myself. His name is Stryker (Male – 9.5 years old).   (See his picture, as well as, pictures of my foster GSD’s and my other GSD’s that have […]

Happy New Year To All German Shepherd Dog Lovers Out There!

Happy New Year German Shepherd

Happy New Year from German Shepherd Dog Blog! May you and your German Shepherd’s have a wonderful 2015! And if you are looking to add a German Shepherd to your family this year please consider rescuing or adopting one from your local shelter, or rescue. Here is a link to all the German Shepherd Rescues […]

A German Shepherd Puppy With A Severe Case Of Mange

A German Shepherd Puppy With A Severe Case Of Mange

An Amazing German Shepherd Puppy With Mange Transformation Below is a video regarding Penelope a German Shepherd mix puppy that was found October of 2013 hanging outside a local school. Children were scared of her because of her appearance so she was taken to a shelter. Penelope had a severe case of demodectic mange and […]

How To Wake Up Your Human German Shepherd Style

German Shepherd on Bed

From A Dog’s Perspective: How To Wake Up Your Human. Does your dog wake you up like clock work every morning? Mine does. Well actually he wakes up my husband and not me because my hubby is a light sleeper. All my German Shepherd Stryker has to do is nudge my husband with his nose […]

Dog Sleeping With Tip Of Tongue Hanging Out

German Shepherd Sleeping

Does Your Dog Fall Asleep With The Tip Of It’s Tongue Hanging Out? This is super cute. Personally my GSD has never done this, or at least I just haven’t caught him sleeping with his tongue hanging out. I found this very adorable short video on YouTube with exactly that. Enjoy!

Lazy German Shepherd Playing Fetch While Laying Down

Lazy German Shepherd

German Shepherd Plays Fetch the Lazy Way Wow, I have seen some lazy dogs before, but this GSD takes the cake. He doesn’t even get up to play fetch, he just lays on the couch while his human throws the tennis ball to him. You’ve got to watch below and see for yourself. Enjoy!

November is National Adopt a Senior Dog Month

Adopt a senior dog

Did You Know That November is Adopt A Senior Dog Month? Have you ever considered adopting an older dog? Well if you haven’t you definitely should. There are many great reasons why you should consider adopting a Senior dog. Here are just a few: Senior dogs have manners. Very often older dogs have the basic […]

Female Vs. Male German Shepherd, Which One Should You Get?

Should I get a Female or Male German Shepherd

Female or Male German Shepherd, Which is Better?   So you’ve decided on a German Shepherd. Congratulations, they are truly an amazing breed. However now comes the tough choice, whether to get a male or female?   The answer to that question will differ depending on the person being asked. Some people truly feel that […]

The Ultimate German Shepherd Dog Tease

Laughing German Shepherd

My All Time Favorite Talking German Shepherd Video This is my all time favorite talking German Shepherd YouTube video. It came out few years ago and has been seen by millions, but I still love it, and was definitely worth a blog post about it in case you haven’t seen it. I can watch this […]

Dog Enjoying A Butt Scratch

Dog Enjoying a butt scratch

Does Your Dog Love Getting A Butt Rub or Scratch? Then you can definitely appreciate and enjoy this short funny video I found on YouTube of a German Shepherd getting the butt scratch of a life time. Enjoy, and please share using the social media buttons below. And without further ado I present what I […]

German Shepherd Infamous Head Tilt

German Shepherd head tilt

Do You Love Watching A German Shepherd Give A Head Tilt? Then you are going to love the video below. I found a very cute and funny video of two German Shepherds doing the quintessential “head tilt” in slow motion. The GSD on the left in the video has a crazy unbelievable full sideways tilt. […]

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