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German Shepherd Dog Blog


German Shepherd Blog Welcome to my website and blog about German Shepherds! I love the German Shepherd breed as I am owned by an amazing German Shepherd myself. His name is Stryker (Male – 10 years old).   (See his picture, as well as, pictures of my foster GSD’s and my other GSD’s that have […]

German Shepherd Drives Car – Funny Video

German Shepherd Driving

German Shepherd Driving A Vehicle Prank I really enjoy those funny prank shows, especially when they involve dogs and more specifically German Shepherds. Below is a great video I found on Just For Laughs Gag YouTube channel, and it is hilarious. It is a funny prank that you will just have to watch below. Enjoy! […]

German Shepherd Dreaming Loudly

German Shepard dreaming

German Shepherd Being Very Vocal While Dreaming Have you ever watched your German Shepherd sleeping when they are really getting into a dream and wondered “what are they dreaming about”? I know I have many times with my own GSD’s and the dogs I foster. Here is a great video I found of a German […]

German Shepherd Afraid of Cat

German Shepherd afraid of cat

Have You Ever Met a German Shepherd That Was Afraid of a Cat? Well you are about to see a video of one below. At about 21 seconds into the video is when it gets really funny. Enjoy!

German Shepherd Common Ear Questions

Vegas Funny Ear Stage

5 Common Questions About German Shepherd’s Ears I get asked many questions about German Shepherds ears frequently, and it’s always usually the same five. So without further ado, here are the top 5 questions I get asked about Geman Shepherds and their wonderful ears. Enjoy!   Do German Shepherds Ears Stand Up On Their Own? […]

German Shepherd With A Case Of The Hiccups

German Shepherd with Hiccups

Does Your German Shepherd Ever Get The Hiccups? Every dog I have ever had has suffered with the hiccups on occassion. I personally find it adorable and funny. Unfortunately I have never been able to get my GSD on video when he had the hiccups because they usually don’t last long enough. However, I did […]

German Shepherd vs Remote Control Car

german shepherd vs remote control car

German Shepherd And A Remote Control Car Sometimes we just need some fun and silly videos to brighten our day. Here is a cute short video of a German Shepherd trying to figure out the remote control car. Is this funny car a threat? Watch below and find out. Enjoy!

German Shepherd vs Hardwood Floors

Dog vs Hardwood Floors

Does Your German Shepherd Dog Have Difficulty Walking On Hardwood Floors? I think that all dogs regardless of breed have trouble walking on hardwood floors at first. First of all, hardwood floors, tile, laminate, or vinyl flooring all have one thing in common; they are slippery and provide no traction. This can be a scary […]

Dog Zoomies – What Are They?

Dog Zoomies

Does Your Dog Ever Get A Case Of The Zoomies? It’s okay, most dogs do. If you are wondering “what are the zoomies” then you are not alone. Zoomies in dogs are when a calm and relaxed dog suddenly jumps up and runs around like crazy for no apparent reason. Trainers and behaviorists call this […]

Does Your German Shepherd Howl While Asleep?

Dog Howling while asleep

Have You Ever Seen A German Shepherd Howl When Asleep? I know I sure haven’t. My German Shepherd Stryker will bark in his sleep sometimes, but has has never howled while sleeping. Below is a funny video I found on YouTube of a GSD named Dexter performing a full on howl while sleeping. Enjoy!

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