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German Shepherd Blog Welcome to my website and blog about German Shepherds! I love the German Shepherd breed as I am owned by an amazing German Shepherd myself. His name is Stryker (Male – 9.5 years old).   (See his picture, as well as, pictures of my foster GSD’s and my other GSD’s that have […]

German Shepherd Infamous Head Tilt

German Shepherd head tilt

Do You Love Watching A German Shepherd Give A Head Tilt? Then you are going to love the video below. I found a very cute and funny video of two German Shepherds doing the quintessential “head tilt” in slow motion. The GSD on the left in the video has a crazy unbelievable full sideways tilt. […]

Do German Shepherds Shed?

Do German Shepherds Shed?

Does A German Shepherd Shed A Lot? Answer. Yes they shed, constantly. German Shepherds don’t have the nickname “german shedders” for nothing. German Shepherd Dogs are a double coated breed. This means they have two coats of fur. The top coat is the coarse longer fur that sheds year round. The undercoat is soft and […]

October is National Adopt-A-Shelter Dog Month

Adopt A Shelter Dog Month

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month Have you ever considered adopting a shelter dog? Well, now is the time. October is national adopt a shelter dog month. Every year millions of dogs enter the shelter system. Of those approximately half never make it out alive. The sad thing is there seems to be a stigma that […]

Funny German Shepherd Sleeping Video

Funny German Shepard Sleeping

A German Shepherd Sleeping and Dreaming Hard I just love funny German Shepherd videos. I just found an absolutely hilarious video of a German Shepherd sleeping on YouTube and just had to share it here on my blog. It is a very short video that you need to watch it all the way to end. […]

Remember Me Thursday

Remember Me Thursday

Have you heard of ‘Remember Me Thursday’?   Remember Me Thursday is September 25th, 2014 this year and it is a day for people worldwide to come together and spread the word and raise awareness about the millions of homeless pets around the world in shelters waiting for forever homes.   By lighting a candle […]

Cute German Shepherd Puppy

German Shepherd Puppy

12 Week old GSD Puppy Video Here is a video of an adorable 12 week old German Shepherd puppy getting his belly rubbed. It is both cute and funny. I love it when he smiles and his foot gets going. Enjoy! For more great videos, and posts check out the rest of my German Shepherd […]

The German Shepherd

German Shepherd a versatile breed

German Shepherd’s The Most Versatile Breed The German Shepherd Dog, known as the GSD for short is without a doubt the most versatile of all dog breeds. They can be trained to do almost anything from K9 cop, to military dog, to seeing eye dog, or just be a wonderful family pet. Here is a […]

German Shepherd Facts

German Shepherd Best Breed Ever

German Shepherd The Best Breed Ever Here is a great short video I found on YouTube about German Shepherds and why they are the best breed ever! I hope you enjoy it.  

National Dog Day!

National Dog Day

HAPPY NATIONAL DOG DAY! August 26th is National Dog Day. Let's all celebrate by making it a "spoil your German Shepherd" day!  Please help us spread the word by Sharing this via the social media sharing buttons above and below. Thanks, and Happy National Dog Day!      

High Kill Animal Shelters – Ignorance is Bliss.

animal shelter kill statistics

Most people have heard of “no kill” animal shelters, but most people are ignorant to high kill shelters. The irony is that most people don’t realize that if the shelter does NOT specifically state they are a “no kill” shelter, then they DO kill animals for any reason they choose. People in general seem to […]

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