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German Shepherd Dog Blog

German Shepherd Blog Welcome to my website and blog about German Shepherds! I love the German Shepherd breed as I am owned by an amazing German Shepherd myself. His name is Stryker (Male – 10 years old). (See his picture, as well as, pictures of my foster GSD’s and my other GSD’s that have […]

Schæfer angreb Kød Man Prank

Schæfer angreb Kød – Funny Video Here is a great funny prank video of a German Shepherd left in the custody of random pedestrians that goes after a delivery man carrying a slab of meat. Another great video from Just For Laughs Gag’s YouTube channel. Enjoy!

Godt Nytår fra Schæfer Hunde Blog!

happy new years

Happy New Year! Happy New Years to all my loyal, as well as new readers of my blog out there. May this year be the best year yet for your family and your wonderful German Shepherds. And remember, if you are considering adding a German Shepherd Dog to your family this year, then please consider […]

Schæferhund Løb Mad Vendor Stand – Funny Video

German Shepherd hot dog gag

German Shepherd Runs Hot Dog Stand Prank Here is another great gag video with a German Shepherd in it. Denne gang GSD kører en fødevare bevoksning. Bare se og se offentlighedens reaktioner. I found this great video on Just For Laughs Gag’s You Tube Channel. Nyd videoen nedenfor.  

Lille pige bliver til Schæfer Prank

German Shepherd Dressed like a girl prank

Girl Becomes German Shepherd Gag Video Well this is a new one. Og den enkeltes reaktioner er uvurderlige. Her er en sød video af en lille pige at få nogle tilfældige folk til at tage et billede af hende, men vent, hun magisk bliver til en tysk Shepherd først. This is from Just Kidding Pranks YouTube channel. Enjoy!  

Schæferhund Dynamite Fetch Prank

Schæferhund Dynamite Fetch Prank

German Shepherd Dog Dynamite Gag Video Awe the old German Shepherd fetching a stick comes back with lit dynamite gag. Jeg elsker det. Click below to watch Just For Laughs Gags funny YouTube video. Enjoy!

Tysk Shepherds Eat Picnic Prank

German Shepherd Crashed picnic

Germans Shepherds Crash Picnic Gag Video What would you do if you were supposed to be watching the food for a picnic and bunch of dogs stormed in and starting eating all the food? Ved ikke, godt jeg ikke heller, men du kan se og se, hvad disse mennesker gjorde. Nyd denne sjove video fra […]

Schæfer Drives Bil – Funny Video

German Shepherd Driving

German Shepherd Driving A Vehicle Prank I really enjoy those funny prank shows, især når de involverer hunde og mere specifikt Schæferhunde. Below is a great video I found on Just For Laughs Gag YouTube channel, og det er vildt sjovt. Det er en sjov prank at du bare bliver nødt til at se nedenfor. Enjoy! […]

Schæferhund Klager over en kløe

German Shepherd itch

German Shepherd With An Irritating Itch Don’t you just hate it when you are comfortable and get a terrible itch? Well apparently this German Shepherd does too. Enjoy the cute short YouTube video!

Schæferhund Dreaming Højlydt

German Shepard dreaming

German Shepherd Being Very Vocal While Dreaming Have you ever watched your German Shepherd sleeping when they are really getting into a dream and wonderedwhat are they dreaming about”? I know I have many times with my own GSD’s and the dogs I foster. Here is a great video I found of a German […]

Schæferhund Bange for Kat

German Shepherd afraid of cat

Have You Ever Met a German Shepherd That Was Afraid of a Cat? Well you are about to see a video of one below. At about 21 seconds into the video is when it gets really funny. Enjoy!