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About Me

Rachel KeeleHey Rachel here,

Thanks for checking out my German Shepherd Dogs website.

I am a married woman in her mid thirties (a lady never reveals her exact age) with many four legged children. I currently have one dog (a male German Shepherd named Stryker) and three cats.

I also foster dogs in my home for many different rescue organizations. In case you can’t tell I am a devoted animal lover.

Additionally a few years ago I had the privilege of managing a veterinary hospital for almost two years, which helped me to gain so much more knowledge regarding animal’s medicals needs and care.

I decided to build this website to help other German Shepherd lovers like me find great information, share information, stories, pictures, videos etc. regarding everything German Shepherd related.

You will see from my articles on this site that I am an active animal advocate, that is against animal cruelty and suffering, and a huge supporter of rescuing German Shepherds or any animal for that matter in need.

I hope you enjoy this site, and all the helpful information it contains.


Rachel Keele

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