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Deze “Little Guy” Heeft onze hulp nodig

Chewbacca at PAWS of Tinley ParkVandaag kreeg ik een mailtje van een vrouw over een Duitse herder, dat was in een schuilplaats en gaat worden “neerzetten” en die nodig zijn om een ​​gerenommeerde redden om hem te nemen in vinden. Ze liet haar telefoonnummer in haar e-mail, so I called her immediately to see how I could help since I have this website and a Facebook page completely dedicated to GSD’s called German Shepherd Dog Fans. She told me that the German Shepherd had gotten into a good rescue, so that dog was going to be fine, which was fantastic news, however, there was another dog, a Chihuahua named “Chewbaca” that desperately needed to find a good home.

I know my site is strictly about German Shepherds, or is supposed to bebut when there is an animal in need that has been brought to my attention, I simply can’t ignore it. I told the woman I would write a short article about “Chewbaca” and post it on my website, and get the word out the best way I could so hopefullyChewycan find a wonderful new forever home.

Chewbaca is a little over 8 years old and is aspecial needs” hond. He is mostly blind, and doesn’t have any teeth, so he will need more care than your average doggie. Many people have shown interest in Chewy, however as soon as they find out about his special needs, everyone then passes him over. The picture here is a picture of Chewbaca from P.A.W.S of Tinley Park’s website.

His time is running out. Please help pass this post along so we can find the perfect forever home for him. If anyone is interested in adopting Chewbacca or getting him into a reputableno killrescue please contact P.A.W.S. of Tinley Park through their website or by calling them at (815) 464-7298.

Remember when you buy, adopt, or rescue a dog, that commitment needs to be for their entire life. Velen van ons houden van dieren en hebben een zwak voor hen in ons hart, maar als je echt wilt een of meer in je leven, make sure your are ready to commit to them for their entire lives which could potentially be 10 – 20 years depending on the breed. Lees mijn bericht Ik ben een blijvend Hond.

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Love what you’ve done with the site!

Rachael Bargo says:

Thanks, Rachel! Well done!