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Do German Shepherds Shed?

Do German Shepherds Shed?Does A German Shepherd Shed A Lot?

Answer. Yes they shed, constantly. German Shepherds don’t have the nickname “german shedders” for nothing.

German Shepherd Dogs are a double coated breed. This means they have two coats of fur.

The top coat is the coarse longer fur that sheds year round. The undercoat is soft and dense and does a full shed twice a year at the change of seasons from winter to summer, and again at the end of summer for preparation for winter.

The full shed of the undercoat of fur is known as “blowing coat.” Although some GSD owners would say that they blow their coat all year round.

Bottom line, you need to be prepared to brush your dog frequently, and vacuum almost daily if you are going to have a German Shepherd. Having said that, the GSD is well worth all the grooming and vacuuming you will ever do.

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Here is a great short video I found that perfectly illustrates the shedding and grooming needs of a German Shepherd. Enjoy!

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