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German Shepherd vs Hardwood Floors

Does Your German Shepherd Dog Have Difficulty Walking On Hardwood Floors?

I think that all dogs regardless of breed have trouble walking on hardwood floors at first.

First of all, hardwood floors, tile, laminate, or vinyl flooring all have one thing in common; they are slippery and provide no traction. This can be a scary experience for a dog when they first attempt to walk on them.

Dog vs Hardwood FloorsHowever once they get used to them they are fine.

I did find that putting area rugs in large rooms, runners in hallways, and mats by the front and back doors helped them to get better traction and adjust to the hardwood floors quicker.

My dog and foster dogs also love to lay on the hardwood floors because they are cooler.

However if you have a German Shepherd or any dog for that matter that has any mobility issues then any solid surface flooring is going to be difficult for them. They will need some carpeted areas in order to be more mobile in your home.

Below is a short video I found on YouTube of a German Shepherd walking on hardwood floors for the first time. It is funny and a little sad at the same time.

However once your dog adjusts they will go running through the house, and even if they slip and slide a little, it won’t phase them at all.

My German Shepherd Stryker loves to play fetch inside and run and slide down our hallway. Even after playing outside still wants play in the hallway. He looks silly sliding down the hall, but he loves it. Silly doggy.


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