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History of the GSD

History of German ShepherdsHistory of the German Shepherd.

The origin of the German Shepherd Dog dates back to 1899.

A man named Max Von Stephanitz from Germany believed that dogs should be bred for working and intelligence.

After attending a dog show he saw a dog that had been selectively bred for the traits he admired. He immediately purchased the dog and founded the Society for the German Shepherd Dog. From there he bred his newly purchased dog with others to get all the desired traits he wanted. What resulted was what we now know as the German Shepherd.

Over the years the German Shepherd has become very popular as a family pet. According to Wikipedia by 2009, it was the second most popular breed in the United States.

German Shepherds have a history of being very versatile dogs. They make great family pets, but are also we suited for many other tasks such as:

  • Herding animals on farms
  • Search and rescue
  • Military dogs
  • Drug dogs
  • Protection
  • Police Dogs
  • Bomb Detection
  • Therapy Dogs
  • Service Dogs, stb.

Thanks to their endurance, incredible sense of smell, drive to work, protection capabilities, and loyalty, they truly are an incredible breed of dog worthy of all the accolades they receive.

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