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Som Forever pes….

I just found this amazing poem about dogs that every person should read before they consider getting a dog. Je to ťahal na moje city, a musel som sa o ňu podeliť tu.

Of course there are tons of more reasons that a dog should not be anuntil” Pes tiež, but here is the poem with my German Shepherd “Stryker” as the dog in the picture. I do not know who wrote this poem; I could not find an author for it. If you know who the author is, please let me know so I can give them the proper credit they deserve.

Please “Like” a “Sharethis with everyone you know. The only way we as a society can stop so many dogs from ending up in rescues, prístrešky, atď. is to educate people by spreading the word and making them think.

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German Shepherd Forever Dog Poem

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