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I just found this amazing poem about dogs that every person should read before they consider getting a dog. 它扯了扯我的心弦,我不得不在这里共享.

当然也有万吨以上原因,狗不应该是一个 “直到” 狗以及, 但这里是诗与我的德国牧羊犬 “斯瑞克” 如在画面的狗. 我不知道是谁写了这首诗; I could not find an author for it. If you know who the author is, 请让我知道这样我就可以给他们应有的适当的信贷.

请 “Like” 和 “分享” 这与大家知道. 我们作为一个社会的唯一途径可以从救援结束了停这么多的狗, 候车亭, 等. is to educate people by spreading the word and making them think.

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German Shepherd Forever Dog Poem

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5 人类的药物,以永不放弃你的德国牧羊犬


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