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I Was Injured Playing Frisbee

German Shepherd pleading faceThis post is written from my German Shepherd Dog Stryker’s point of view. Here is his story. (The picture of Stryker on the left is one of his pleading faces.)

Hi, I’m Stryker and love Frisbee. It is my passion and I live for it everyday. Well two days ago while playing Frisbee I injured my front left wrist a little. It is only a very slight sprain, and I am only limping slightly. 

My human mom and dad are way overreacting. Now they won’t let me play Frisbee or anything at all until I am all better. This is ridiculous, I am fine, but they won’t budge. I am going out of my mind just laying around doing nothing. Don’t they understand how important Frisbee is?

I have tried everything in my bag of tricks to try to get my parents to relent on this no Frisbee, and complete rest “thing” until I am healed, but nothing is working. I have tried giving them the sad look and pout, whining, barking at them, ignorning them, irritating them by doing stuff I know I am not supposed to do, and even tried refusing to go outside at all, all of this to no avail.

Help me please, I am at my wits end and they say I have to wait three more days at least till I am all better. Don’t they realize that in dog years that is three weeks for me! I feel fine, I even practiced walking so it doesn’t look like I have a slight limp. The weather is beautiful outside and I need to play!

So again, I plead, please help convince my parents that I’m fine, and it’s is time for me to play Frisbee again.  

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