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Iverhart Artı Heartworm Önleyici chewables için Virbac Geri Çağırma

Virbac Expands Recall for Iverhart Plus Flavored Chewable Heartworm Preventative

Does your pet take a heartworm preventative? Umarım, but if the preventative they take is Iverhart Plus you need to know that there has been a recall on this product. Eğer bu ilacı pet vermek derhal veteriner arayın.

A recall has been done because the manufacturer Virbac determined that the efficacy of the ivermectin (which is the medication that kills and prevents heartworms) was not enough to last the full 30 days, therefore leaving your beloved pet susceptible to contracting heartworms.

So again if you use Iverhart Plus heartworm preventative for your pet, then contact your veterinarian or contact Virbac Technical Services at 1-800-338-3659 ext. 3052 immediately.

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