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Tips to Keep your Dog Safe this Thanksgiving and Holiday Season

pet holiday safetyHere are my Top 5 Tips to help keep your dog’s safe this holiday season:

  1. If your dog isn’t comfortable or used to a lot of people being in your home, then it would probably be best for their safety and that of your guests to isolate him or her in either a crate or a nice quiet room. Make sure that whatever safe, quiet place you put them, it is a warm comfortable temperature.
  2. If you are going to have many children in your home during the holiday and the dog is comfortable with a crowded house, still make sure that someone is supervising the dog and children at all times. Remember you may have the friendliest and most gentle dog in the world, but even the nicest dog has their limit. Your children may know the proper way to interact with your dog, but don’t assume that other people’s children do.
  3. If your dog is great in these very social situations, but they tend to be an escape artist, be mindful of this and make sure to take measures to set things up at your house so your pet can not escape out of the house.
  4. While you are cooking be sure not to let your dog “counter surf.” And during the holiday meal, do not give any table scraps, e assicurarsi di ricordare i vostri ospiti a non dare il vostro cane qualsiasi cibo umano. Questo può sembrare sciocco, ma se non monitorare questo, il vostro cane può essere alimentato qualcosa che li renderà molto malato. Leggi il mio post Gli alimenti umani che sono tossici per i cani. Garantisco molti degli elementi di questo elenco vi sorprenderà.
  5. Sfortunatamente, gli sbagli possono capitare in vacanza. Uffici Ricorda più di Vet sono chiusi per le vacanze, quindi in caso di emergenza avere il numero e l'indirizzo del più vicino Clinica Vet emergenza a mano. I hope you never need to utilize this, but it is always best to be prepared for any emergency.


I hope this information helps you and your pets be prepared for the holiday season.

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Happy Holidays!

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