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Happy Valentine’s Day From German Shepherd Dogs!

German Shepherd Valentine

Don’t Forget to Kiss Your German Shepherd Valentine! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Remember not all soul mates are two legged. Don’t forget to be thankful for the four legged Valentines that love you unconditionally every day of their lives. This is a picture of my most recent foster German Shepherd “Kotcha.” She recently went to […]

German Shepherd Dog Shaking Off Water in Slow Motion

German Shepherd wet from sprinkler

Ever Wonder What A Dog Looks Like Shaking Off Water In Slow Motion? Well so did I. And to be honest, it is a pretty funny sight to behold. I found a great video of exactly that on YouTube. Be sure to watch it closely. The jowls, eyes, and ears are particularly hilarious. Enjoy!  

German Shepherd Puppy vs Soccer Ball

German Shepherd Puppy Vs Soccer Ball

German Shepherd Puppy Playing With A Soccer Ball I’ll will keep this post simple. Below is a delightful short video of a German Shepherd playing with a.k.a. trying to beat up a soccer ball. Enjoy!  

German Shepherd Puppies Fascinated With GoPro Camera

Puppies Chase After Video Camera

GSD Puppies Chase After Video Camera Puppies? Did I say German Shepherd puppies? Why yes I did. I love GSD puppies, and evidently they love video cameras. The puppies in the short video below are fascinated by camera. Even their mom has to check it out. Enjoy!

German Shepherd Puppy And Kitten Playing

German Shepherd Puppy & Kitten Playing

GSD Puppy & Kitten Playing German Shepherd puppies are super cute, but a German Shepherd puppy playing with a kitten is disgustingly cute. I never tire of seeing videos of puppies or kittens so below is a wonderful combination of both. I have three cats as well as my German Shepherd Stryker so I love […]

German Shepherd Playing Football

German Shepherd Plays Football

Does Your German Shepherd Enjoy Playing Football? Did you enjoy watching the Super Bowl? I did. This years game was incredible. Are you such a football fan that you taught your German Shepherd to love the sport too? If so, then you are going to love this short YouTube video I found of a German […]

Happy New Year To All German Shepherd Dog Lovers Out There!

Happy New Year German Shepherd

Happy New Year from German Shepherd Dog Blog! May you and your German Shepherd’s have a wonderful 2015! And if you are looking to add a German Shepherd to your family this year please consider rescuing or adopting one from your local shelter, or rescue. Here is a link to all the German Shepherd Rescues […]

A German Shepherd Puppy With A Severe Case Of Mange

A German Shepherd Puppy With A Severe Case Of Mange

An Amazing German Shepherd Puppy With Mange Transformation Below is a video regarding Penelope a German Shepherd mix puppy that was found October of 2013 hanging outside a local school. Children were scared of her because of her appearance so she was taken to a shelter. Penelope had a severe case of demodectic mange and […]

How To Wake Up Your Human German Shepherd Style

German Shepherd on Bed

From A Dog’s Perspective: How To Wake Up Your Human. Does your dog wake you up like clock work every morning? Mine does. Well actually he wakes up my husband and not me because my hubby is a light sleeper. All my German Shepherd Stryker has to do is nudge my husband with his nose […]

Dog Sleeping With Tip Of Tongue Hanging Out

German Shepherd Sleeping

Does Your Dog Fall Asleep With The Tip Of It’s Tongue Hanging Out? This is super cute. Personally my GSD has never done this, or at least I just haven’t caught him sleeping with his tongue hanging out. I found this very adorable short video on YouTube with exactly that. Enjoy!