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Please HELP By Donating for Lovey’s Surgery

Please HELP By Donating for Lovey’s Surgery

Насамперед, thank you to all that have donated for Lovey’s surgery so far. She appreciates it and so does German Shepherd Dog Rescue of Iowa (GSDRI).

GSDRI Lovey after SurgeryLovey has had her surgery and is now recovering. However GSDRI still has not raised enough funds to cover the cost of her surgery and care thus far.

Click here to donate for Lovey’s care –>


For those of you that do not know Lovey. Милочка був врятований від того евтаназії у притулку німецької вівчарки порятунку Айови (GSDRI) and needed some major surgery.

Lovey had many mammary tumors, so she had a full mastectomy. She also had another tumor near her butt removed. Plus she was spayed to keep the mammary tumors from coming back.

These surgeries were very expensive and GSDRI is funded entirely by donations. Will you please help by donating to help German Shepherd Dog Rescue of Iowa pay for all her necessary care?

Click here to donate –> http://tinyurl.com/Donate-to-GSDRI

All donations are processed through PayPal. Please help GSDRI. Ні пожертва не є занадто маленьким.

So far $835.00 has been donated for her care.

We need to raise between $1,650 to $2,000 to pay for everything that has been done so far and for the further care she still needs.

Any help is greatly appreciated. If you can’t donate then please help by spreading the word via the social sharing buttons below.

dog cone of shame picFor more information regarding German Shepherd Dog Rescue of Iowa please go to their website http://gsdri.org/ or Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/gsdri.

Please note, that Lovey is not listed on the website, because she is not available for adoption yet.

Once she has healed from all of her surgeries she will be available for adoption.

For updates on Lovey’s progress check back here at GermanShepherdDogs.info or German Shepherd Dog Rescue of Iowa’s Facebook page.

Please note, GermanShepherdDogs.info is receiving no compensation of any kind for any donations made.

All donations go straight to German Shepherd Dog Rescue of Iowa and will be used for Lovey’s care.

If more money is donated than what is needed for Lovey, then any additional funds raised will go towards the care of current and future dogs at GSDRI.

Thank you for any help you can give.

Below is a video from GSDRI about Lovey.


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