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Remember Me Thursday

Remember Me ThursdayHave you heard of ‘Remember Me Thursday’?


Remember Me Thursday is September 25th, 2014 this year and it is a day for people worldwide to come together and spread the word and raise awareness about the millions of homeless pets around the world in shelters waiting for forever homes.


By lighting a candle on September 25th, 2014 you are remembering those pets who have lost their lives and you are also shining a light on the pets out there in shelters and rescues in need of homes right now.


adopt dont shopPlease pledge to light a candle to honor orphan pets on Remember Me Thursday, September 25, 2014 and share on social media why pet adoption is important.


For more information go to RememberMeThursday.org.


Below is a great video about Remember Me Thursday. Please help spread the word.

Adopt, don’t shop.

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