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Serez-vous un don pour m'aider à obtenir la chirurgie I Need?

Donate to German Shepherd RescueSe IL VOUS PLAÎT AIDER! Je ai besoin de dons pour aider à payer pour ma chirurgie.

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Là, mon nom est Lovey, et je ai été sauvé d'être euthanasié dans un abri par chien de berger allemand de sauvetage de l'Iowa (GSDRI). Cependant, je encore besoin d'aide.

Le sauvetage et ma mère d'accueil me disent je ai besoin d'une intervention chirurgicale majeure. Je ai beaucoup de tumeurs mammaires, donc je ai besoin d'une mastectomie complète. Je ai aussi besoin d'une tumeur près de mes fesses retiré. Plus they say they need to spay me to keep me healthy and to stop the mammary tumors from coming back.

Cette chirurgie est très coûteux et GSDRI est entièrement financé par des dons. Will you please help me get the surgery I need by making a donation so I can get all better, and be able to find a forever home of my own?

Voici le lien pour faire un don: http://tinyurl.com/Donate-to-GSDRI

Tous les dons sont traitées par PayPal. Please help GSDRI get Lovey the surgery she needs. Aucun don ne est trop petit. Here is a link to their website for more information about GSDRI. German Shepherd Dog Rescue of Iowa Website

A Plea for Help

The German Shepherd Dog Rescue of Iowa needs funds to help pay for Lovey’s surgery. These surgeries are very expensive, especially the full mastectomy. Lovey is a sweetie pie. All she wants is love and affection. They don’t know her exact history, but they suspect that she was used for breeding and then when she developed the mammary tumors was thrown away like trash. The vet has estimated Lovey’s age between 7 – 8 years old. Please help, Lovey deserves a happy ending.

Any donation you can give would be wonderful. Aucun don ne est trop petit. Please note, Lovey will not be available for adoption until after she has healed from all of her surgeries. Once she is available for adoption, she will be on the GSDRI website under the Adoptable Dogs section. If you would like to see the current GSD’s available for adoption you can visit GSDRI’s website at http://gsdri.org/ or their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/gsdri.

Please note, GermanShepherdDogs.info is receiving no compensation of any kind for any donations made. Tous les dons vont directement au Berger Allemand sauvetage de l'Iowa et seront utilisés pour les soins de Lovey. If more money is donated that what is needed for Lovey, then any additional funds raised will go towards the care of current and future dogs at GSDRI.

A Note From Lovey’s Foster Mom

Lovey Laying DownI the admin and owner of this website GermanShepehrdDogs.info am the one fostering Lovey.

When GSDRI contacted me about needing a foster for Lovey I wanted to say no, because we had just gotten the cancer diagnosis of our GSD Vegas, and I wanted every moment I had to be spent spoiling her.

However, after seeing Lovey’s picture and knowing that sayingnomay be a death sentence for her, I knew I had foster her, and that Vegas would be fine with it, which she is.

What most people don’t realize is that the differentbreed specificrescues out there are completely run by volunteers and they don’t have “abri” facilities. The dogs they rescue are placed into volunteer foster homes, and evaluated and worked with so that when they get their forever home they are placed with a family that is the right match to the dog.

I have fostered many dogs in my life and it is very rewarding. Lovey has made so much progress in the short time that I have had her. When I got her she was a mess, literally. I don’t think she had ever been groomed, or bathed which was the first thing I did because she stunk. During the grooming session was when I found she had tumor near her butt.

Next I introduced her to my GSD’s Stryker and Vegas. She had no dog manners at all. It made me wonder if she had any interactions with other dogs other than the times she was bred in the past. She didn’t even know how tosit”, the most basic of all dog commands. She was also unsure about affection from people.

Now she loves affection from people, and is giving her belly for belly rubs, and is starting to give kisses. She has learned sit, wait, and look, and is doing well on leash. She is now kennel trained and completely ignores my cats.

She has gone to the vet and had a basic exam, her vaccinations, heartworm test, bloodwork, and x-rays so far. Now all Lovey needs is her surgery. Due to the complexity and everything that needs to be done, the cost is very expensive. Since Lovey needs a full mastectomy (all breast tissue and nipples removed, which for a dog is extensive), sa chirurgie peut pas être fait par ne importe quel vétérinaire. This has to be done by someone that has extensive experience in these types of surgeries, qui se traduit par plus coûteux.

Lovey se transforme en une telle tarte sweetie, et elle va être un chien merveilleux pour quelqu'un. Elle mérite une fin heureuse, mais pour que cela se produise, elle doit avoir sa chirurgie. German Shepherd Dog Rescue of Iowa needs your help by way of donations to pay for the surgery to be able to give her that happy ending.

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